Thurston Fun at Home

Thurston is currently closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak. However we can still bring some adventure and fun in to your day.

We will be linking and listing some fun activities to do whilst at home. We hope you all stay happy and healthy during this time and see it as an opportunity to try new things and have fun whilst learning.

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The Famous Thurston Flapjack Recipe (Only to be made by and eaten by people who have been to Thurston)

Flapjack Recipe

Thurston Tiffin Traybake

Fun Things to Try

Although we can’t currently take groups out on adventures we can still be inspired by other peoples previous exciting exploits. Here are some facts about Mark Beaumont. Read the article then test your knowledge by answering the Questions.

Mark Beaumont Factsheet. HERE

Mark Beaumont Question Sheet HERE.

Mark Beaumont Answer Sheet HERE

Mini Beast Hunt – Why not go on a Mini Beast Hunt? Tips and Information

Sheet 1 HERE Sheet 2 HERE Sheet 3 HERE Sheet 4 HERE

Brew time fun. We all enjoy a mid morning cuppa and a slice of flapjack, its a chance to relax for 15 minutes. So why not sit back and have fun with our quick crossword and colouring in sheet. Crossword HERE Colouring In Sheet HERE

Beecome a friend of Bees and help them thrive this summer. Learn to spot the different types of Bees HERE and learn how to attract them to your garden with this Nectar Bar HERE.

Deer oh Deer. How much do you know about deer. We have a healthy population living in nearby Grizedale Forest. Take this quiz and test your knowledge. Quiz HERE.

Origami Penguin – make this cute penguin, or may be a penguin colony.

Sheet 1 HERE Sheet 2 HERE Sheet 3 HERE Sheet 4 HERE

Tree Top Trumps Cards – how many trees can you spot on your local walk?

Sheet 1 HERE Sheet 2 HERE Sheet 3 HERE Sheet 4 HERE

Bird Cakes – attract birds into your garden or back yard with these simple homemade birdcakes. Instructions HERE

Garden Plaques – collect treasure on your walk and turn them into artwork plaques to display in your garden or back yard. Instructions HERE

Getting crafty with twigs and sticks. Make your own woodland wind chime Instructions HERE. Woodland Weaving Instructions HERE

OS Maps. Learn how to use and read an Ordnance Survey Map.

Sheet1 HERE Sheet 2 HERE Sheet 3 HERE Sheet 4 HERE

Compass Confidence. What is a compass? How does it work? Learn about them here and then test your skills with this fun quiz.

Compass. How they work. Compass Points. NESW. Cardinal points. Label a Compass. Skills Sheet 1. Skills Sheet 2. Answer Sheet.

Emoji Coordinates. Test your coordinate skills with this fun challenge. Draw a line using the coordinates given. Use a different coloured pen for each line. What Emoji will be revealed?

Sheet 1 HERE Sheet 2 HERE Sheet 3 HERE Sheet 4 HERE

1 Answer HERE 2 Answer HERE 3 Answer HERE 4 Answer HERE

UK Seas and Rivers. Test your knowledge of the UK’s Seas and Rivers with this Map and Question Sheets. Map HERE Question Sheet 1 HERE Question Sheet 2 HERE Question Sheet 3 HERE Answers HERE

Wildlife Yoga. We are often lucky to spot some of these animals when out on activities. For now, we can keep fit and active by emulating them with these poses to ease and stretch our bodies. HERE.

Binoculars. Become an expert wildlife spotter with these make at home binoculars. Instructions HERE

Bees Wax Wraps. Make your own beeswax wraps. Help reduce plastic waste and help the planet. A fun, crafty activity for you to try. Instructions HERE.

Map Skills – Test your knowledge of scale features and directions Sheet 1 HERE Sheet 2 HERE Sheet 1 Answers HERE Sheet 2 Answers HERE

Motivational Colouring In Sheets Sheet 1 HERE Sheet 2 HERE Sheet 3 HERE Sheet 4 HERE

Activity Sheets – Get active and get moving with these simple exercise activities: Sheet 1 HERE Sheet 2 HERE Sheet 3 HERE

Map Skills Challenges. Learn about and test your knowledge on Grid References. Page 1 HERE Page 2 HERE Answers HERE

Wildlife Habitats to make for your garden. Encourage wildlife into your garden with these simple ideas for home made habitats. Please ensure young children are supervised during any building and be safe when using hand or power tools.

Bat Box

Bee and Butterfly Garden

Bumblebee Nest

Hedgehog Hideaway

Hidey Holes


Insect Hotel

Simple Hedgehog House

Nest Box

Viking Longship. Make your own Viking Longship, instructions HERE

Did you know that Coniston Water was originally known as Thurston Water, a name derived from the old norse name Thursteinn (other spellings have included Thorstein) and the Old English word waeter. 

W.J. Collingwood wrote a book called Thorstein of the Mere (first published in 1895). The main character is Thorstein, a young and intrepid Viking, keen to explore the world, who sets off up the River Crake, eventually coming to Coniston and seeing Peel Island. The book was a favourite of Arthur Ransome who of course went on to write Swallows and Amazons. 

Though the Thurston logo is now the Old Man and the Lake, our previous logo was a Viking Ship in reference to the link with the Norse and Viking heritage of the area.

CloudWheel Activity. Learn about the different types of clouds and identify them with this printable CloudWheel HERE

Paper Planes. Learn how to make an fly your own Paper Plane. Why not try with family and see whose plane can fly the farthest. Instructions HERE

Leaf Art. On your daily walk why not collect some leaves and make a Leaf Art Rubbing. Learn how to HERE

OS Map Flashcards Download HERE and print these flash cards to test your knowledge of the map symbols .

Art Attack. Your challenge is to find things that you can use to make an interesting pattern or picture. Instructions HERE

Raft Craft. Build a miniature raft. Instructions HERE

Start learning about Map Work with these Quizzes from Ordnance Survey.

Quiz 1 Questions HERE. Quiz 1 Answer Sheet HERE

Quiz 2 Questions Here. Quiz 2 Answer Sheet HERE

Design your own Trig Pillar using this template from Ordnance Survey. Share on Social Media using the #mytrigpillar

Thurston Wordsearch 1 Wordsearch 2

Natural World Wordsearch

Brush up on your map skills with the Harvey Map Reading Quiz

How did you do. Here are the answers to the Harvey Map Quiz

Who’s Been Framed – a fun creative activity. Click here to download

Learn to tie some useful knots. Click here to download and more here and even more here

Learn map skills. Activity Sheet 1 here Activity Sheet 2 here

A Geology Project you can do at home Restless Earth Worksheet

Become a nature detective. Build a butterfly feeder and then identify the butterflies you attract. Butterfly Feeder Worksheet